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Additional Services Can be Included in Any Package
Our additional services are designed to simplify your life.  From getting
some of that laundry done to cleaning out that old coffee pot.  If you don't
see the service you need listed here, let us know and we'll try and get it
added for you.
All-Star Maid service
Often times our maids will do little things that they know their clients like
and we think that is great!  Let your maid know your favorite flowers,
scents, candles and see what happens around your home.
Our Maids Cater to our Clients
Watering Plants
Cleaning Patios
Stove Cleaning
Our Maids Serve You
House Plants
Cleaned Patio
Clean Stove
Add On Service: $2.50
Clean and freshen the garbage disposal.
Water indoor house plants.
Add On Service: $5.00
Mattress flipped and bed made with clean sheets.
Light fixture washed, dried, bulb replaced with your supply
of bulbs and light switch cleaned and sanitized.
Per load.  Laundry is washed, dried and either folded or
hung up.
Coffee pot is cleaned, a mixture of vinegar and water is
brewed.  Once complete, fresh water is brewed and the
appliance is cleaned.
Per small appliance.  The appliance is hand washed, de
greased if necessary and dried.
Per average window size blind.  Each blind is wiped
clean and dried.
Per average size window.  Window is washed with a
microfiber cloth.  The sills and trim are cleaned and
Add On Service: $10.00
Clean the patio or deck.  The patio is swept, plants
watered, table and chairs are all wiped clean.
Puppy dog care.  Yard is cleaned of feces and the pets
dishes are cleaned and sanitized.
Kitty cat care.  Litter boxes are cleaned and sanitized and
filled with fresh litter.  Food and water dish is cleaned and
Add On Service: $15.00
All dishes are hand washed, hand dried and either put
away or stacked on the counter.
Add On Service: $20.00
Per sliding glass patio door.  The window is washed with
a microfiber cloth.  The trim and door rails are cleaned
and sanitized.
Add On Service: $25.00
Refrigerator is cleaned inside and out.  The appliance is
moved and the coils are cleaned.  Both behind and
underneath the appliance is cleaned.  We top this service
off by adding a fresh box of baking soda to help absorb
Stove is cleaned inside and out.  The appliance is moved
and the area is cleaned and de greased if needed.  The
drip pans are scoured and the hood is cleaned and de
Add On Service: $35.00
Patio door blinds are taken down, hand washed, dried
and hung back up.
Additional Services
"My stove looks new again...
This is a quote from a very happy client."
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Clean Appliances
Clean Coffee Pot
Laundry Done
Clean Laundry
Dishes Washed
Washed Dishes
Our maid service
provides a variety of
packages and additional
services that encompass
almost every cleaning
need.  Give us a call
today or use our quote
page to find out how
reasonable our prices
really are.
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