Our maid service
provides a variety of
packages and additional
services that encompass
almost every cleaning
need.  Give us a call
today or use our quote
page to find out how
reasonable our prices
really are.
Office Manager
Our Standard Cleaning Package is For General Cleaning
Most homes only need periodic deep cleaning and the remainder of the
time a general maintenance cleaning is all that is needed.  Our standard
package is designed to provide exactly that.  With our
additional services
you can pick and choose other small tasks to help simplify your life.
All-Star Maid service
Clean Bathroom
Perfectly Made Bed
Clean Kitchen
When Clean Matters
Clean Bathroom
Perfectly made bed
Clean Kitchen
Room is dusted
Cobwebs are removed
Floors are vacuumed or swept
Mirrors are cleaned
Beds are made
Trash is removed
Rooms are freshened with essential oil spray
Rooms are dusted
Cobwebs are removed
Vanity tops are cleaned
Floors are swept and mopped
Mirrors are cleaned
Toilets are cleaned and sanitized
Sinks are cleaned and sanitized
Bathtubs are cleaned and sanitized
Showers are cleaned and sanitized
Glass shower doors are cleaned and sanitized
Trash is removed
Rooms are freshened with essential oils and sprays
Cobwebs are removed
Sinks are cleaned and sanitized
Counter tops are cleaned and sanitized
Surface of stove and drip pans cleaned
Surface of refrigerator and dispensers are cleaned
Surface of dishwasher is cleaned
Surface of microwave is cleaned
Floor is swept and mopped
Garbage disposal is freshened
Trash is removed
Eating Area
Room is dusted
Cobwebs are removed
Floor is swept or vacuumed
Table top is cleaned and sanitized
Chairs are wiped clean
Living Room
Room is dusted
Cobwebs are removed
Floor is swept or vacuumed
Pillows on couches and chairs are straightened
Throw blankets are folded
Hallways, Foyers and Staircases are all included in the package
Standard Cleaning Package
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Spotless Stove
Clean Hardwood Floors
Clean Stove
Clean Wood Floor
Cleaning for a Reason