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Our Maids Clean in Pecatonica
Pecatonica is located at the "top" of Illinois, in the middle, about halfway
between Chicago (regional map) and Galena. The traditional business
district (local map) is 1 mile north of US 20 (the Galena Trail). Several
restaurants, retailing shops, antiques, gift stores, gas stations and other
commerce in a traditional "turn of the century" Main Street setting, make it
a comfortable stop for those on the highway to Galena. Historic Victorian
homes and buildings compliment the traditional values of the community.
Pecatonica is home to the regions State Police Post.  All Star-Maid
Service is happy to service all of Pecatonica's cleaning needs, either big
or small.  We have the package to fit your needs and your budget.
All-Star Maid service
Welcome Sign
Main Street
Pecatonica Fire Dept
When Clean Matters
Pecatonica Welcome Sign
Main Street Pecatonica
Pecatonica Fire Department
Pecatonica Illinois
"My home is fun again...
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