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About The Village of Orfordville

Welcome to Orfordville where you will find friendly people in a growing
community with a small town atmosphere. Orfordville is a pleasant
village of 1256 people who take pride in their community.  Whether you
are retired, or raising a family, Orfordville is a great community to live.

The Village of Orfordville is very proud of Countryview Estates, the
newest residential subdivision in the village.   When completed, there
will be 150 homes sprawled over 80 acres, all within walking distance
to the schools and parks.  All-Star Maid Service is excited to serve in the
Orfordville area, with all the new growth and homes in the Village.  We
have all the supplies to cater to your every need.  Just give us a quick
call at (815) 988-4711 to see how we can clean your home or business
within your budget.
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Ofordville Train Depot
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"Thank You for the Tiger Lillies...
This is a quote from a very happy client."
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